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From Victor Volle <>
Subject Re: [clazz] draft reflect implementation
Date Sat, 09 Nov 2002 17:22:29 GMT

your work looks very promising!
I especially like the Idea, that I just have to 
overwrite a method in ReflectScalarPropertyIntrospector
to match other methods as read/write methods.

There are (currently) two things I do not
quite understand. As far as I can see,
all Introspectors scan the complete 
set of available methods. Would it be possible
to have a list of (pluggable) introspectors like and
a single loop over all methods. Something like this:

        for (int mc = 0; mc < methods.length; mc++){
            Method method = methods[mc];
            for ( int ic = 0; ic < introspectors.length; ic++ ) {
                 ReflectedPropertyIntrospector inspector = inspectors[mc];
                 inspector.checkMethod( method, ..., parseResults );

Second, I am not sure that the methods

   addClazzLibrary(), getClazz(), constructLibraryArray

and so on, should be part of the Class Clazz.
They probably belong to a Class Model or something
like that.


PS: I am hesitating to offer my help, yet (besides criticism :-))
because I am still not sure that I can use it for my own project
and I would like to wait for the "dust to settle". 
> I am not really done with the first draft yet, but since I will have to
> take about a week off from clazz, I wanted to commit what
> I have done so far and give you a chance to look it over.
> My initial focus was on implementing functionality equivalent to
> that of java.beans.Introspector. There are several pretty cool 
> improvements over the Introspector:
> 1. Highly customizable design.  
>     - You can add new ClazzLibraries for new kinds of Clazzes. So far
> there is only one such library, ReflectClazzLibrary, but more are
> coming.
>     - You can add new ClazzLoaders to customize Clazz generation for
> individual clazzes or groups of clazzes.
>     - In the case of Reflected clazzes, you can change the way accessor
> methods are bound to properties.  For example, if you want to make 
> read methods look like "readFoo()" instead of "getFoo()", it is a matter
> of overriding one method on ReflectScalarPropertyIntrospector.
>     - In the case of Reflected clazzes, you can add new categories of
> properties.  The default list of categories consists of List (which 
> works for Lists as well as arrays), Mapped and Scalar properties.
> 2. In the case of ReflectedClazzes, richer mapping of accessors to
> properties: methods like getFoo(int), setBar(key,value), getFooKeySet()
> etc are recognized.
> 3. If a property is Mapped, the corresponding clazzProperty.get()
> returns a Map, even if all the bean defines is a bunch of accessor
> methods like getFoo(key).  The Map implementation returned by
> clazzProperty will invoke those accessors if they exist (see the 
> ReflectedMap).
> 4. Similarly, if a property is a List or an array, the corresponding
> value is a List (see ReflectedList).
> 5. Powerful diagnostic facility that optionally prints details of
> introspection.  You won't have to wonder any more: "how come it does
> not see my property 'foo'".  I have attached a sample diagnostic log.
> Check it out, it's pretty cool.
> The implemented functionality comes with tests, but as you will see not
> all functionality is implemented yet.
> Don't look for ATTRIBUTES, DELEGATORS or BEAN stuff yet - I'll get to
> that in a week or so.
> - Dmitri

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