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From "Roytman, Alex" <>
Subject [dbcp] Jdbc2PoolDataSource Proposal
Date Thu, 07 Nov 2002 20:36:44 GMT
Attached pleas find proposed Jdbc2PoolDataSource rework.

I tried to address some issues I mentioned in this email

Jdbc2PoolDatasource allows eviction of idle connections. It is done either via shareable TimerService
or per datasource daemon thread. Threads are expensive given large number of datasources.
Shareable TimerService is preferred. If you specify timerServiceName factory parameter pool
will use this timer service for eviction otherwise it will use daemon thread provided by commons-pool
pools TimerServiceImpl is based on java.util.Timer found in JDK 1.3.x and later 

Sample configuration of timer service is in tomcat/conf/server.xml (see timer/GlobalEvictionTimer
resource) and tomcat context with JDBC data sources is  tomcat/webapps/webtools.xml 

It in beta state and not all features have been implemented (like validation on check-in/check-out
which is not very much needed for jdbc2 pooled connection I think) but it seems to be pretty
stable. I did some pretty heavy stress testing trying to randomly kill connections on server
side while testing to make sure these bad connections do not get stuck in the pool. 

I would be glad to donate this files to jakarta-commons if there is any interest.

Please let me know what you think


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