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From "Roytman, Alex" <>
Subject RE: [Pool] Re: Sharing eviction threads
Date Fri, 01 Nov 2002 23:15:09 GMT
No not yet. I am actually trying a different approach as I think what I proposed wont work
very well in managed environment as it will require some third party to create Task on behalf
of pool and submit it to timer so declarative approach will not work. Reality is the pool
itself should be able to create and cancel task. So I am trying to come up with couple interfaces
to abstract out timer functionality while still be able to use java.util.Timer implementation.
As far as pool concerned the only needed change would be to expose evict() via Runnable interface
because my Timer takes runnable for task. I am using it for my Jdbc2ConnectionPool and going
to see how it works.

BTW how strong is 1.2.x support requirement. AFAIK virtually every vendor have 1.3 or later
now except small devices.  

Attached are drafts of two files which enable this functionality.

I will have complete working sample of Jdbc2ConnectionPool working in conjunction with TimerService
along with tomcat sample context in few days. I will post it to the list

I am not familiar with how apache process works. What should be my next step?

Thank you 


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Subject: Re: [Pool] Re: Sharing eviction threads

Sounds good to me.  Do you have a patch?

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