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From Guillaume Coté <>
Subject [CLI] tools usage and parsers
Date Wed, 27 Nov 2002 10:36:58 GMT

First, I'll start with a question regarding tools usage for the 
subproject CLI.  I notice that there is bugzilla, Scarab and a mailing list.

When I have idea of possibility of new feature, documentation 
improvement, test case improvement... for the project, should I enter 
them directly in bugzilla, or do you prefer that I present them to 
mailing list?

Second, there one thing that I cannot figure out just by reading the 
javadocs (neither by reading the readme and java source, but I think 
should be I the javadocs).  Why is there several parser?  Are they 
supposed to behave the same or not?  If yes, in which case which one are 
more performent?  If not, what diffence of behavior should I expected 
from which parser?

I am thinking of refactoring the test-case to isolate behavior that are 
specific to a parser and make sure that any none specific behavior is 
tested against all parser.


Guillaume Coté
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