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From Victor Volle <>
Subject [clazz] Some general thoughts on the design
Date Sat, 09 Nov 2002 17:58:12 GMT

your design reflects a decision I am currently having
to make. So I would like to discuss the
two possibilities and think about the possible
suitability to [clazz].

We have some interfaces but no (abstract) default
implementation. That means: for each 
ClazzLoader XXX we have to provide our own 
implementation of XXXClazz, XXXClazzProperty etc.
Even if only the "building", "filling" of the 
Clazz is different. All XXXClazz implementations
will probably have a list of (declared) Operations, a List
of (declared) Fields, some methods to find all fields
(as opposed to the declared ones).
So I am thinking that we could factor out
a common default implementation for Clazz, ClazzProperty.
And let the ClazzLoaders do the work.
When you look at your implementation of ReflectedProperty,
there is nearly nothing reflection specific. 

I fear that I might be missing something. 
What do you think?

Associated with this line of thought is the handling
of "Attributes" (MetaData). MetaData could be 
factored out into some abstract super class 


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