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From "Roberts George E (Ed) NPRI" <Robert...@Npt.NUWC.Navy.Mil>
Subject [modeler] Modeler does not handle generic Descriptors (bug 14361)
Date Fri, 08 Nov 2002 13:17:35 GMT

I have been looking at the modeler for a project I am working on... I communicated with Craig
and he suggested that I bring our conversation to this email group... 

The modeler as it stands now does not have full compliance with the spec (unfortunately I
have been reading JMX 1.1 instead of JMX 1.0.1 but I took a peek and it did not seem to change
between those releases)... basically the problem is this... the specs says that one can add
any number of descriptor fields that one wants, right now the DTD does not allow you to do
that (only the standard ones) nor does the parser take care of that.  I have a DTD that I
have posted as an attachment to bug 14361
that I want to purpose as a DTD that will take care of this problem... it will be backward
compatible with the current DTD but I have deprecated some of the attribute entries

... there is a lot of metadata that I wanted added into the Descriptor for my class' parts
and if one looks at the spec (even the 1.0.1 spec) there are Descriptor items such as for

The fields in the descriptor are defined, but not limited to, the following: 
 name           : attribute name  
 descriptorType : must be "attribute"   
 value          : current value for attribute 
 default        : default value for attribute 
 displayName    : name of attribute to be used in displays 
 getMethod      : name of operation descriptor for get method  
 setMethod      : name of operation descriptor for set method 
 protocolMap    : object which implements the ProtocolMap interface: map of protocol names
and protocol hints 
 persistPolicy  : Update|OnTime|NoMoreOftenThan|Always|Never  
 persistPeriod  : seconds - frequency of persist cycle. Used when persistPolicy is"OnTime"
or "NoMoreOftenThan".  
 currencyTimeLimit : how long value is valid, <0 never, =0 always, >0 seconds  
 lastUpdatedTimeStamp : when value was set  
 iterable       : T - object value supports Iterable interface, F - does not support Iterable
 visibility     : 1-4 where 1: always visible 4: rarely visible  
 presentationString : xml formatted string to allow presentation of data 

there is no way in the present DTD to account for this information... one way that could be
done is 
through attributes but then one could not have a general object as the field value allows...
I think 
I have accounted for that in the DTD...

ed roberts

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