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Subject Re: [attributes][clazz]
Date Thu, 14 Nov 2002 14:22:23 GMT
>  from:    James Strachan <>
> From: <>
> The aim of the attributes project is to provide a small and simple unified
> API to allow the access of runtime doclet attributes used both in current
> AOP projects like Nanning and Rickard Öberg's AOP framework as well as
> hopefully to work with XDoclets XRAI project. (I'm hoping further down the
> road we can provide a unified API to both Nanning, XRAI and Rickard's
> framework).

One of the aims of [clazz] is a unified API to different metadata/attribute mechanisms. The
mechanism is to be pluggable, so one solution is to use [attributes] as a pluggable implementation.
But it might be better to just integrate it (otherwise you end up with two pluggable levels
which adds to confusion).

> I still don't totally
> grok the aim or scope of clazz but at the very least it appears to be a
> broader higher level goal, more of being a component model, a new
> introspection mechanism, a meta-beans thing or something. Maybe
> commons-attributes might be useful in implementing clazz (I hope so) or
> maybe not, but these 2 projects do seem quite different.

It aims to pull together DynaBeans, MetaData/Attributes and Introspection into one uniform
API - Class manipulation.

For attributes, [clazz] offers methods like:
 Clazz clazz = <factory...>;
whereas [attributes] seems to have:
 Field field = AttributesTestClass.class.getDeclaredField("surname");
 Attributes.getAttribute(field, "external");

Thus one way to think of the difference is [attributes] is static, [clazz] is instance based.


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