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From Jeff Varszegi <>
Subject [?][SUBMIT]
Date Wed, 20 Nov 2002 09:11:17 GMT
I had this class lying around and thought I'd post it.  I just took a look at the FileUtils
(didn't check out the one in Excaliber yet), but I think that there're lots of difference
this class and FileUtils.  

'FileSystem' is a simple standalone class for dealing with a regular ol' file system.  You
can set
a root directory and perform operations on files using relative paths if you wish.  I've found
pretty useful in the past.  It supports some things like OS-agnostic file copying and searching,
simple wildcard file/directory searches, etc.  If you have time, please look it over and see
some of it sparks a thought or might be useful.  I keep it around in my ragtag private util

Is work being done on VFS right now?  Can I help?  It seems like something I could really
sink my
teeth into.  Are there plans to do nice stuff like support agglomerated file systems, so that
can support federated namespaces?  Has VFS already been superseded by something else?  I did
around a lot to find this out, but I am still not sure.


P.S. I was wondering why a putFile(FileObject file) appears in the AbstractFileSystem class,
not in the interface FileSystem.  I noticed some other stuff too.

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