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From Jeff Varszegi <>
Subject [configuration + lang] Question + suggestion
Date Wed, 20 Nov 2002 08:44:37 GMT
Is the Configuration stuff used anywhere?  Just curious.  I was looking at the code for
BaseConfiguration and was thinking that it should convert between numeric types (which it
doesn't).  For instance, if getFloat() is called with a key that is mapped to an Integer object,
it won't convert the value to a float and return it, etc.  It should probably work more like
w/ respect to widening/narrowing numeric types, don't you think?

In the XMLProperties class I sent to the list a short while ago I had a static inner class
PropertyConverter that the enclosing class used to do data-type conversions.  Believe you
me, I'm
not touting the virtues of that class, but I think it would be good to do the same thing with
Configuration so the code is reusable, and maybe put it in Lang.  Just a simple ute class
to do
simple data-type conversion.  Right now what's available is scattered around.  What do you


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