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From Jon Tirsén <>
Subject Re: [attributes][clazz]
Date Fri, 15 Nov 2002 09:52:51 GMT
I agree with James on this one. I haven't had a look
at clazz yet but it does seem to have a much broader
scope. Attributes will be a very, very simple API. I
think even simpler than logging.

The Java-community really need runtime-attributes at
the moment and this need is what attributes should
solve, this and nothing else. Clazz will have a
different agenda. With attributes we could put
together a release in just a couple of weeks time,
I've already used this for some time and it works very
good. It's fully (ok, 96% code coverage) covered with
unit-tests. The API is extremely small and we could
have very good documentation with usage-scenarios in a
short time.

If my opinion is worth anything this is what I think
we should do. Technically I'm not at all against
merging attributes with clazz, I think they make a
pretty good fit. I just want a 1.0 release of
something that implements attributes as soon as
possible. That's why I extracted it from Nanning,
because Nanning too has a different agenda.

 --- James Strachan <>
skrev: > From: <>
> > One of the aims of [clazz] is a unified API to
> different
> metadata/attribute mechanisms.
> Maybe its time to update the PROSOAL.html which only
> really talks about
> being a new introspection & reflection mechanism. It
> doesn't seem to mention
> metadata or doclet tags etc.
> > The mechanism is to be pluggable, so one solution
> is to use [attributes]
> as a
> > pluggable implementation.
> > But it might be better to just integrate it
> (otherwise you end up with two
> pluggable levels which adds to confusion).
> Though they still appear quite different things.
> clazz looks to be doing
> runtime introspection & reflection. attributes is
> providing runtime access
> to doclet tags in the source code.
> Hopefully we can all share the same pluggability
> mechanism, as with
> commons-logging and use commons-discovery.
> > [clazz] aims to pull together DynaBeans,
> MetaData/Attributes and
> Introspection into one uniform API - Class
> manipulation.
> That sounds like a different scope to me; a higher
> level API. It could be
> that a pluggable implementation for clazz could use
> commons-attributes to
> access doclet tags.
> commons-attributes is really just trying to be kinda
> like C# attributes. Use
> whatever API you wish on top, reflection,
> introspection, DynaBeans, clazz,
> Joda etc. The API for commons-attributes should only
> be 2 or 3 classes. Its
> really very simple...
> Already clazz looks much bigger than this. This
> isn't a problem, it just
> seems to illustrate to me that these projects seem
> to be of differing
> scopes. Its still early days and this is the sandbox
> afterall but I don't
> yet think its wise to merge these 2 projects.
> James
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