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From Jeff Varszegi <>
Subject Pleasedtameetcha, and a couple of questions
Date Thu, 14 Nov 2002 19:17:31 GMT
I'm a newbie to the Apache mailing lists; I ask forgiveness in advance for asking stupid

I've developed some things that I would like someone to take a look at to see if they are

The first is a LinkedList implementation that reduces object creation/garbage collection that
works twice as fast as LinkedList.

The second is a double-ended queue that offers good speed and deterministic delivery to waiting
threads.  In other words, if thread A requests something from the queue before thread B, thread
is guaranteed to get a result before thread B, even if both of them are initially forced to
This was an absolute requirement for some code I'm writing, and if it can be useful to someone
don't want to waste the chance.  I would also like someone to look over the queue code, to
for correctness and maybe suggest improvements.

Is there any interest in these two items?  I have other general-purpose utility stuff too,
but I'm
not sure of the proper way to submit it all.  Do I just send the code to this list, or what?

I like what I see in the Commons project!  I like Sun's Collections API in general, but there's
nastiness everywhere-- unnecessary object creation, etc.

Jeff Varszegi

P.S.  Anyone contribute a SkipList implementation yet?  How about array-based Red-Black tree
something similar?  I've found that most of the slowness in TreeSet and TreeMap is due to
unnecessary object creation.

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