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From Jim Seach <>
Subject Re: DBCP: Jdbc2PoolDataSource needs attention
Date Fri, 01 Nov 2002 20:57:30 GMT

Your implementation could also allow us to take advantage of Oracle's
"lightweight connections" where the application server obtains a
connection to the database using a user id/password assigned to the
application, then (using a database specific feature) "impersonates"
the current user on the connection.  That way, we can take advantage of
user-specific access permissions implemented in the database but still
take full advantage of the connection pool.


Jim Seach

disclaimer for list: I work for one of Alex's clients, and this feature
will be very useful for us.

--- "Roytman, Alex" <> wrote:
> Dear apache-commons developers,
> Jdbc2PoolDataSource is a very useful component however I believe it
> is not up to "release" quality yet
> While working with it I found some things I would like to improve or
> change. 
> Please forgive me if I misunderstood certain things in
> Jdbc2PoolDataSource design as I could only spend limited time
> testing, debugging and reading its source
> 1. mutable poolable keys are very dangerous and lead to errors. One
> subtle error which rendered entire component useless in case of
> getConnection(username, password) was due to this error
> 2. new pool gets created for every different user
> getConnection(username, password). Also due to pool design if user
> wants eviction each pool will span an eviction thread which can
> easily bring any server to its knees. I think creating new pool for
> each user is related to ability to configure each user separately. My
> believe it is really not an objective because a) as much as possible
> in their projects people should use pools which are fully configured
> and do not use getConnection(username, password) but getConnection()
> instead and b) if they do need pool which caters for application
> where username/password is supplied by user for each session rather
> then configured in application this pool should have no reason to
> configure different users differently (as it has no prior knowledge
> of its users)
> Also for this kind of pool it is important to be efficient as number
> of users can be very high
> and we should be extra careful to survive programming mistakes or
> malicious users in this case
> 3. In current implementation once a pool for particular user/password
> got created and have some idle connection a user with INVALID
> password but right user name can grab connections from the pool (have
> not tested but it looks like it is the case)
> 4. failed connections get suck in active pool
> 5. Not sure why we need to keep a static map of all pools by
> datasource. J2EE environment will call jndi environment
> getObjectInstance() only once to create a pool and then the
> environment will keep the reference and will not call factory method
> on each object lookup but return previously created instance
> 6. weak cache of UserPassKeys by PooledConnections. if
> PooledConnections re-implements 
> 7. XA interface?
> As an exercise (and because I need it ASAP for my projects) I
> re-implemented Jdbc2PoolDataSource (well I just wrote it from scratch
> yesterday). It is also based on commons-pool component and I tried to
> take in the consideration some of the issues I mentioned above. It is
> an RND/alpha level code and not all features are implemented but I am
> planning to finalize it shortly (actually it depends on pool latest
> features invalidateObject() and doEvict()) as I need it for my
> production. I expect to get it to beta quality in couple of weeks. I
> would be glad to contribute it to apache if there is any interest. 
> some features:
> - getConnection(username, wrong-password) will not affect pools for
> the same user name and valid password and will not be able to utilize
> them either 
> - UserKey objects are immutable and cached in a map (HashMap right
> now but it could be apache's LRUMap to make sure it does not grow
> indefinitely)
> - Bad connections do not get stuck in active pool
> - Connections are marked bad based on
> ConnectionEventListener.connectionErrorOccurred() and get removed
> from a pool on next activate/passivate
> - On getConnection() if any idle connection is bad it will be
> destroyed and another attempt to get connection made transparently
> for user. It will be done till a good connection is obtained but not
> more than idleNum+1 attempts to be made (tested with oracle)
> - Use shared eviction thread across multiple pools. This has not been
> implemented yet. I am planning to allow pool to have setTimer(Timer
> timer) or setTimerName(String jndiName) which will subscribe pool to
> receive time events from  a timer. In j2ee environment timer should
> be defined in context environment and looked up by jndi name. Timer
> could be custom developed or preferable java.util.Timer (although as
> Rodney mentioned it requires jdk1.3)
> - Optionally prohibit getConnection(username, password) allow
> getConnection() only (could be important for XA vs. local
> transactions) not implemented yet
> and more...
> Thank you very much for your attention
> Alex Roytman
> Peace Technology, Inc.
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