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From John McNally <>
Subject Re: DBCP: Jdbc2PoolDataSource needs attention
Date Sun, 10 Nov 2002 22:07:42 GMT
On Fri, 2002-11-01 at 10:04, Roytman, Alex wrote:
> Dear apache-commons developers,
> Jdbc2PoolDataSource is a very useful component however I believe it is not up to "release"
quality yet
> While working with it I found some things I would like to improve or change. 
> Please forgive me if I misunderstood certain things in Jdbc2PoolDataSource design as
I could only spend limited time testing, debugging and reading its source
> 1. mutable poolable keys are very dangerous and lead to errors. One subtle error which
rendered entire component useless in case of getConnection(username, password) was due to
this error

I have made the keys immutable.

> 2. new pool gets created for every different user getConnection(username, password).
Also due to pool design if user wants eviction each pool will span an eviction thread which
can easily bring any server to its knees. I think creating new pool for each user is related
to ability to configure each user separately. My believe it is really not an objective because
a) as much as possible in their projects people should use pools which are fully configured
and do not use getConnection(username, password) but getConnection() instead and b) if they
do need pool which caters for application where username/password is supplied by user for
each session rather then configured in application this pool should have no reason to configure
different users differently (as it has no prior knowledge of its users)
> Also for this kind of pool it is important to be efficient as number of users can be
very high
> and we should be extra careful to survive programming mistakes or malicious users in
this case

A new pool only gets created for each user that is configured with a
perUserMaxActive value and possibly other perUser values.  This might be
used to have a user that can write and a readOnly user, for example. 
You state that separate DataSources should be setup for each of these. 
I don't know enough cases to determine if that is the case, if others
agree, we can drop the per user configuration, but I would prefer to
keep unless given more definitive reasons it is bad. But it would not
effect the number of threads as the overall number of pools will be the
same in either case.

> 3. In current implementation once a pool for particular user/password got created and
have some idle connection a user with INVALID password but right user name can grab connections
from the pool (have not tested but it looks like it is the case)

I have fixed this.

> 4. failed connections get suck in active pool

I was not able to reproduce this, but if the mutable, poolable keys were
the problem, it should be fixed.  As soon as I get my changes into cvs
maybe you could repeat your tests?

> 5. Not sure why we need to keep a static map of all pools by datasource. J2EE environment
will call jndi environment getObjectInstance() only once to create a pool and then the environment
will keep the reference and will not call factory method on each object lookup but return
previously created instance

Tomcat may do this, I do not know.  But I do not think a jndi service is
required to return the same instance to every lookup.  Is there a
specification that says J2EE containers will cache instances?  The jdbc
spec mentions use of static fields as a way to code around the fact that
there might be multiple instances which should be referring to the same
pool of connections. 

john mcnally

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