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From "Rob Oxspring" <>
Subject Re: [CLI] Options without short equivalent
Date Thu, 14 Nov 2002 17:39:34 GMT
Thanks John,

I'll have a look at what I can do about the first two items - as an exercise in understanding
your code if nothing else.

And as for the third item...

> > Third problem: --no-auth-cache doesn't parse
> I need to add '-' as an allowed character, very simple fix.
> > Only bumped into this while writing the email and doesn't really bother me at the
moment (the svn up stuff was just an example
> > none of my options have hyphens in them).  However I would have thought that long
options wouldn't restrict such characters - is
> > this a bug or is there a good reason for barfing on this? and if so shouldn't an
IllegalArgumentException be thrown?
> An IllegalArgumentException should be thrown?  I'll check this out too.

Hmmmm as I said - this was an aside that I noticed while documenting the other problems. 
As such it didn't have the same level of

It turns out the long option of no-auth-cache actually parses fine, it looks like I was using
the short option work around at the
time, i.e. "-no-auth-cache" doesn't parse which seems pretty reasonable.

Also, I was obviously not concentrating when seeing the parse failure because it does fail
fast and the error message I was seeing
was in fact part of an IAE stack trace.

So after all, nothing a cup of coffee and a pair of glasses wouldn't fix ;-)

> > I'm happy to work on patches to the above problems but wanted to check that I'm
not being daft first - do others agree with my
> > percieved bugs or should I be attacking things from another angle?  And if i'm to
code any patches then pointers on where to
> > would be good :)
> What XXXParser are you using BTW?  You can have a go at the patches
> yourself if you like but I can get to them this evening.

I was using Basic but on more detailed checks demonstrate that Gnu and Posix behave just the
same - perfectly reasonably.

Rob (crawling under a rock)

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