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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: [SQL] AXgen
Date Wed, 27 Nov 2002 12:11:55 GMT
From: "Neeme Praks" <>
> Hi Commons SQL!
> How about joining forces with AXgen project?
> (
> The easiest point of integration with AXgen would be to make a template
> for generating the database schema XML file (should be easy).
> Taking it further, I think two projects could be merged, removing the
> need for overlap:
> * AXgen is used to generate database schema
> * database schema is used to generate entity classes, xml repository and
> DDL (at least DDL is already supported by Commons SQL)
> These two projects are just too similar in my mind and should join the
> efforts...(if authors can agree on terms, of course)

I think the projects are a little different - their main difference is what
is the source of the generation process.

AXGen works from an XMI metamodel and uses it to generate things and so
typically requires some XMI repository or tool of some kind.

Commons-sql is specific to SQL and has a simple relational model in both XML
and beans. So the commons-sql model could be generated by hand in a single
XML document, or reverse engineered from a database connection, or generated
via XDoclet from bean source code, or generated by AXGen from an XMI model.
Indeed any XML model for a relational model should be fairly easily
transformed into commons-sql's XML format with some minor XSLT.

However the two projects can work together.

e.g. a single AXGen template could generate a commons-sql model from XMI so
then AXGen users could take advantage of common-sql's ability to generate
DDL for different databases etc. So hopefully commons-sql could be used
within AXGen. The MiddleGen folks are considering using commons-sql inside
their generation tool also.

There does seem some crossover between AXGen and UML2EJB.


> -- Original Message --
> Teema: Generator for OJB
> Kuupäev: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 10:29:21 +0100
> Kellelt: Thimo König <>
> Vastusesaaja: OJB Developers List <>
> Adressaat: <>, <>
> Hi,
> as we use OJB in a couple of projects we need an easy way to generate
> our classes and the repository. We'd like to model our entities with an
> UML tool and all the rest should be done by a generator. Some weeks ago
> we started an open source project called AXgen which is meant to do
> exactly this. Now the first completely documented release (version 1.1)
> is available. Take a look at it at:
> Of course you can generate what ever you want with AXgen by simply
> writing your own templates, but Axgen is shipped with ready-to-use
> templates for OJB.
> We would be glad to get some comments on it.
> Any help on this project is welcome.
> Two things AXgen doesn't support at the moment:
> o Inheritence
> o n:m relations
> Cheers,
> Thimo
> --
> Thimo König Dipl.-Ing.(FH)
> ARMAX mindware GmbH
> Bernhäuser Strasse 3
> 70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen
> Fon: 0711 7823996-14
> Fax: 0711 7823996-64
> Mobil:  0178 2399614

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