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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: [jelly] How to use x:attribute
Date Tue, 12 Nov 2002 17:42:50 GMT
From: "J. Matthew Pryor" <>
> James,
> Thanks for indulging my poor list etiquette.
> I am now going to display naked ignorance and ask for a bit more
> explanation of what a "snapshot" will do for me.
> I have only ever downloaded binary build. I have previously built other
> opensource project from CVS; but not maven.
> Is that what I need to do? Get the latest maven source from CVS and
> build it?
> Since Jelly is sort of a separate module, can I get that from somewhere
> else ?

You've 2 options. The first is to get the latest CVS checkout of Maven and
then build it. e.g. via

    ant -f build-bootstrap.xml

then that will create a new maven build with the latest, greatest Jelly
embedded. Then you'll just need to swizzle you're MAVEN_HOME and PATH
statements to point to the new Maven build.

Or you can just manually install the latest, greatest Jelly inside Maven via
manually downloading the latest Jelly snapshot from...

and manually copy it into your $MAVEN_HOME/lib directory (deleting the old
Jelly library).

The former option, if you can do it, is safer as then you can easily switch
from a stable release to the latest & greatest Maven by just changing your
MAVEN_HOME and PATH environment variables.


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