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From "Ola Berg" <>
Subject Re: [codec] Handling text encodings
Date Tue, 19 Nov 2002 10:36:42 GMT
> It should work with streams, no doubt about it.  

> I think that there should be two separate
> interfaces-- at least that's what I've usually done in such situations.  

An argument against that would be that both en- and decoding are simply stream transformations.
It is the context (or your mind or need at that particular time) that decides whether this
is a decoding or encoding transformation. 

In a neutral way, two transformations could be defined, and a third object (the codec) defines
that transformation a is encoding while transformation b is decoding.

> (or at least providing interfaces in advance to point the way, so that everything
> will grow nicely together).

Sure, anything we come up with should be able to adapt to common stream handling routines.

What I smell is a generic interface, not belonging in codec, but in lang, for these kind of

And while I think at it, I think that one will end up with something very similar to the streams
classes in io (because it is justified with block handling as well as singular symbol handling).


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