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From "Stephen Colebourne" <>
Subject [collections] Pleasedtameetcha, and a couple of questions
Date Fri, 15 Nov 2002 00:07:34 GMT
From: "Jeff Varszegi" <>
> I'm a newbie to the Apache mailing lists; I ask forgiveness in advance for
asking stupid
> questions.

Quick hint - watch what others do before posting yourself...such as the
[collections] tag in the Subject line ;-)

> The first is a LinkedList implementation that reduces object
creation/garbage collection that
> works twice as fast as LinkedList.
Sounds promising

> The second is a double-ended queue that offers good speed and
deterministic delivery to waiting
> threads.  In other words, if thread A requests something from the queue
before thread B, thread A
> is guaranteed to get a result before thread B, even if both of them are
initially forced to wait.
> This was an absolute requirement for some code I'm writing, and if it can
be useful to someone I
> don't want to waste the chance.  I would also like someone to look over
the queue code, to check
> for correctness and maybe suggest improvements.
May be too specialised. Don't know without looking. Does it implement our
Buffer interface?

> Is there any interest in these two items?  I have other general-purpose
utility stuff too, but I'm
> not sure of the proper way to submit it all.  Do I just send the code to
this list, or what?
I suggest starting a new thread (with a clear Subject line) for each
submission, eg.
 [collections][SUBMIT] Faster LinkedList
and attach the code

> P.S.  Anyone contribute a SkipList implementation yet?  How about
array-based Red-Black tree or
> something similar?  I've found that most of the slowness in TreeSet and
TreeMap is due to
> unnecessary object creation.
Tree was discussed about 8 months ago but never got in. It should do though.


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