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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: [DBUtils] Introduction and some thoughts
Date Fri, 15 Nov 2002 12:40:28 GMT
From: "Henri Yandell" <>
> Nope. Looks good, Apache licence too so it's usable. Why am I not
> surprised that Strachan is on it :) He gets everywhere. My rule of thumb
> is becoming: "it's not an open source Java project if Strachan's not on
> it. " [Damn, hurry up and join DbUtils James].


> I'll try to learn more about it so that DbUtils doesn't grow in that
> direction, which a couple of Mike's suggestions concering the ColumnData
> might be getting towards (?).
> Assuming you're the Travis who's heading up, what do you
> think? Is DbUtils redundant? Can you see a clear separation of concern?
> Are there any things you think would go well there.
> The reason why I think there's not a cross-pupose:
> I'm not an amazing Db coder or anything, I do bits etc. When I look around
> at all the libraries to help me with DBs, they all involve me having to
> get religious about them, OO-db's, ObjectBridge, Castor/JDO, CrossDB[I
> think]. I like getting religious about things, but it's expensive to do
> properly [in time], so when I haven't got that time I like to just make
> the boring old religion that little bit easier.
> One of the issues I believe DbUtils has to watch for is introducing any
> religion. So, if someone _has_ to use a framework to get the power, then
> we're starting to compete with the other projects and not fitting the
> currently empty niche. Idea is just to make JDBC(tm) easier.
> Currently I'm wrestling with a DbPoller. It's a simple piece of code which
> polls the db to notify something when that table changes. Issues being:
> 1) I introduce a PKey class to hold a column-data info. Basically akin to
> Mike's suggestion. Is this a framework yet?

FWIW commons-sql already has a bean model to represent Database, Table,
Column, Indices and so forth that can be turned into XML and back again and
reverse engineered from a JDBC connection.

Also it contains a little DynaSql class for working with DynaBeans and JDBC.
So you can (using beanutils) turn SQL results sets into DynaBeans, do
insert/updates via DynaBeans etc.

> 2) DB-specific. Oracle has some irritating bugs with jdbc and I extend
> DbPoller to get OracleDbPoller. This provides some issues for building,
> but I'm sure they can easily be fixed. More importantly, should DbUtils
> fill up with lots of DB-specific extensions [or in a side repository
> anyway].
> Another idea is GUID/Sequencers. Would be nice to have a Sequencer
> interface and then I make an OracleSequencer which uses a select on
> nextval etc, or a MySql sequencer with last_insert_id. Issues being, how
> do I enforce the last transaction there? There'd also be java-level
> random-number Sequencers, which would use the sequence-id code from
> Patterns sandbox, or other ideas.
> Is this getting towards a framework?

I do think its hard trying to create reusable JDBC code - since there's many
different ways to use JDBC there's the danger of writing code thats not


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