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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: [jelly] enhanced new tag, and maven repo update needed (was cvs commit: jakarta-commons-sandbox/jelly/...)
Date Thu, 28 Nov 2002 08:36:20 GMT
From: "Rodney Waldhoff" <>
> This commit extends the core:new tag slightly to add support for invoking
> constructors that take arguments (see the commit msg and test cases for
> details).

Great stuff! I was just thinking yesterday of how it'd be nice to be able to
easily instantiate objects (like instances) easily from <j:new>
or <j:useBean/>

> This functionality depends upon the new ConstructorUtils class
> added to commons-beanutils earlier this week (this appears in the 27 Nov
> nightly at least, maybe a bit sooner).  I guess this means the
> beanutils-SNAPSHOT.jar in the maven repository at ibiblio needs to be
> updated.
> I know I've seen this answered before, but how do I go about getting that
> snapshot jar updated?  A message to maven-user?  Do I need to subscribe to
> that list to have it go through?  Is there a way we could get maven to
> pull JARs out of the gump output or project-specific nightlies?

Right now just mailing maven-dev will do the trick. I've just updated it.
Essentially any repository administrator can just do

    maven jar:deploy-snapshot

Though I really hope that one day really soon all maven-ized projects at
Jakarta will be built nightly, have a nightly distribution put in a
canonical place and the jar added to the repository.

> If you need it working in the meantime, I simply changed the beanutils
> <version> tag to an arbitrary value and manually added the nightly build
> of beanutils to my local repository.  There may be a cleaner way, but that
> works at least.

The snapshot is updated now, so maven builds will just pick up the new

> Also, on an unrelated note, I notice that the
> org.apache.commons.jelly.ant.TestJelly suite is failing (12 tests, 4
> errors), at least for me.

Wanna try it again with CVS HEAD? I found that having the
maven.junit.fork=true, which is now in, fixed this
class-loading issue. Lemme know if its still broken for you.

Thanks for a great patch Rod - I'll be using this very soon!


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