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From Juancarlo AƱez <>
Subject [jrcs] Looking for Home
Date Sun, 03 Nov 2002 04:22:03 GMT

I donated JRCS, a Java framework for managing RCS/CVS archives,
to the Jakarta.Apache for a long time. It was originally in
Maven (which is currently using protocol based access to CVS)
and later moved to the Commons.

Right now JRCS lacks a home at Apache. I'ts not even listed on
the sandbox. I don't think it's likely anyone in Jakarta or
anywhere else will contribute anything to the project with such

I'm new to Apache, and I would need help to get JRCS visible on
the Jakarta site. Any volunteers?

The framework is fairly complete and stable, with JUnit tests
covering most of it. The only feature lacking I know of is
support for binary (-kb) archives.

T. Hariharan [] conducted a series of tests over
600 or so archives. He recovered all the versions from each
archive, and assembled the archives back, all with JRCS.
Everything went fine, except from some discrepancies in the
order in which the CVS and JRCS diff algorithms think things
should be done. It all works all the same.

The JRCS project currently lives at:

I still maintain the page at:

and make releases when things get fixed or improved.

Comments welcome.



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