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From Jon Tirsén <>
Subject RE: runtime attributes
Date Sun, 24 Nov 2002 15:10:43 GMT

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> Subject: RE: runtime attributes
> soryy for cross-posting (and html mail again). I need both lists'
> here. reply to connons-dev only.
> problem 1)
> define 
> protected abstract Collection getSourceFiles();
> in the Ant task. We'll have one subclass for each concrete

Something like that, yeah, but there's some problems:
1) We don't know what source-file maps to what target-file.
2) We don't need any subclasses to the ant-task. Extractor and Writer
will be pluggable instead.

I'm more towards having a method Extractor.getLatestModified() that the
Ant-task will compare to Writer.getLatestModified(). That way we're not
making any assumptions what-so-ever about the inner workings of the
Writer and the Extractor.

But we'll see how this turns out later on.

> problem 2)
> joe walnes and i have discussed merging xjavadoc + qdox into xdox. put
it in 
> jakarta commons maybe? in short i want to use xjavadoc's API (rich)
and qdox' 
> parser (fast). Can be done in a relatively short time, 2 weeks if i do
it alone, 
> shorter if ara and joe help out.

Great! In the meantime I'll implement the stuff we need for attributes
inside attributes, then we'll replace that with xdox when that is done.

> problem 3)
> i'm still a bit lost. i'll have to take a closer look at the sources.

I think I've straighted it out more with my answer to Mark Pollack,
I went back and reread it, I wasn't making much sense. :-)

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