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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-commons-sandbox/grant gump.xml
Date Tue, 22 Oct 2002 06:31:25 GMT
This is quite different from the descriptor I have written inside of
Gump's cvs - and yours won't work as is.

(1) <module name="commons-grant">

there is no CVS module by that name.  If you want to stick with that
name, you'll need to specify a different module name in the <cvs>

(2) <ant buildfile="build.xml" target="jar">

missing basedir, grant is not at the top level of the module.

(3) <property name="" value="commons-grant-@@DATE@@"></property>

won't do anything as this property is not used in build.xml.  The
property to set is "".

(4) <depend project="junit"></depend> 

well, I have that as well (because you said so 8-), but there are not
tests (yet?).

(5) <depend project="ant"></depend> 

a real problem.  There is no project called "ant", only "jakarta-ant",
which commons-grant already depends on.  Gump would drop
"commons-grant" because "ant" doesn't exist.

(6) <work nested="target/classes"></work>

unneeded, at least for now (may change when testcases get added).  And
then, it would have to be nested="grant/target/classes".

(7) <home nested="target"></home>

again, needs a grant prefix.

(8) <javadoc nested="docs/apidocs"></javadoc>

Is a lie ;-)

The build process doesn't generate any javadocs at all, don't claim it
would do.

I know that you've generated this descriptor so maybe my diagnosis can
help to improve all Maven generated Gump descriptors (the one for
stratum has a couple of very similar problems, which means we cannot
use it).


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