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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: Proposal: httpd-like PMC organisation
Date Thu, 24 Oct 2002 00:13:56 GMT
Morgan Delagrange wrote:

> It's correct that we did not monitor commits as
> closely as we should.  Roy raised our awareness or
> this, and that's good.  However I don't think we need
> a small group to check every single commit to every
> component.  We all should be and will be more vigilant
> now.

Morgan - I'm not talking about a 'small group'. If you read 
reorg, IMO the PMC should be formed of all active commiters,
like in httpd.

For example, we can have a list of all active commiters and
what is covered by each. Part of this is already in STATUS,
but out-of-date. There are also projects that we monitor 
without beeing in STATUS. 

We can call it 'PMC' or 'active commiters'. But we kind of need
to know if the entire codebase is covered - and if not, 
either find volunteers or move the code to some 'stable' 
area ( if nobody is working on it anymore ).

Besides the name ( PMC or whatever ) there is a problem of
organization and coordination. 

I don't know - if it is too complicated we'll need a simpler 
solution. I hope we all realise that nobody can track all
the code commits and all the code in general, and sooner
or later an error can happen.

Maybe a stylecheck would be enough to spot the obvious problems
and the normal review that takes place will spot the others - 
and we don't actually need to do anything special. But 
I think it's good to at least discuss options and make an
informed decision.


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