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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: [Logging] How can I submit a concrete Log implementation (WLSLogger)?
Date Tue, 15 Oct 2002 16:52:30 GMT

The best place for a common-logging adapter for a particular
logger is in that logger itself ( like JAXP adapters in parsers :-)

The second best place is in a standalone jar ( including 
the META-INF entries ) that would allways be placed in the
same loader as the logger. 

We could create a separate dir in commons/logging for this kind
of adapters - and eventually move the current adapters and leave
the commons-logging space with only the API ( and the fallback 
simple logger ), and deal with the compilation problems ( and
learn from ant - which is in the same situation )

The current solution of having the adapters in the same jar with
the API creates a lot of problems ( at least in tomcat - if 
c-l in in the main loader and different webapps use different loggers ).


Richard Sitze wrote:

> Just My Opinion/Thoughts:
> There are other Apache/Jakarta projects that include pluggable
> implementations unique to a vendor (sun comes to mind quite often).
> Donating is fine, but keep in mind that when we cut a release we need to
> be able to build.  If there are build dependencies, that can be a problem.
>  Perhaps we can include source-code only components in future
> distributions?
> <ras>
> *******************************************
> Richard A. Sitze
> I've implemented and tested WLSLogger with WebLogic
> Server 6.1/7.0 - both server (JSP) and client (Java
> app) side and would like to donate it to Apache.
> Not particularly familiar with the submission process,
> I'll have to ask likely a stupid question: Is it
> appropriate to suggest adding a concrete Log
> implementation based on commercial appserver product to
> Commons Logging?
> If yes, how do I do it - just following patch
> submission guidelines? If not, I'd like to understand
> what's wrong with that... Thanks a lot for attention.
> Regards,
> Alex
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