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From Richard Sitze <>
Subject Re: What should we do about sandbox ? RE: License and copyright issues
Date Tue, 22 Oct 2002 15:23:08 GMT
I like playing in the sandbox, I just don't like to be unpleasantly 
surprised on what I find buried within.  I can see both sides, but it does 
appear to be IMPERATIVE that the catbox... err  sandbox be kept clean for 

We simply cannot become, or even appear to become, a public repository for 
copyrighted code.

Richard A. Sitze

Costin Manolache wrote:
> Martin Cooper wrote:
>>I found a few things not yet mentioned:
>>1) In codec\, "Copyright 1997, William B. Brogden", which 
>>clearly a problem.
>>2) In scaffold, numerous instances of "Copyright (c) 2002 Synthis
>>Corporation.", also clearly a problem.
> Acording to jakarta-commons rules, the sandbox is just a CVS repository 
> where experiments may happen. 
> I see it similar with commiters using their homes or public_html
> pages on jakarta - or with the commiters cvs repository.
> The sandbox is open to any jakarta commiter.
> The question is: do we have to police it and monitor all forms
> of activities that happen on apache servers ? Because as far as 
> I can see, there is no difference between a file placed by a 
> jakarta commiters on his public_html or home and the files
> in commons-sandbox. 
> We made it very clear that sandbox code can't be released,
> and the fact that it is accessible using public cvs and 
> viewcvs is similar with the public_html files.

These were my thoughts exactly, and partly why I only noticed the 
potential issue (probably non-issue) with jxpath, and not those in codec 
and scaffold.  I was only looking in jakarta-commons, not 

> I would propose to ask the sandbox to be removed from viewcvs
> and the eventually discuss what to do about the public cvs. 
> As a way to protect ourself. I wouldn't mind if this is voted
> down :-) 

Certainly a possibility, but that kinda kills the ability to create a 
community which is the whole point to the sandbox.

> What do you think about this issue ? Any other proposed solutions ?

Shouldn't we bring this question up with the jakarta PMC?  Since this is 
really a legal question, I would think the board, via the PMC, should 
have the say on how this should be handled.


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