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Subject Re: moving to a top-level project (was: [Ant nudge STATUS] Betterthan we thought...)
Date Mon, 28 Oct 2002 15:14:48 GMT
"Michael A. Smith" <> wrote on 29/10/2002 01:36:41 AM:

> > (but that can also be a signal that something ought to move to 
> >  something like the commons httpclient might be a good candidate for
> >  spinning out of J-C and Jakarta altogether... *shrug*)
> I've tried to encourage extremely active commons components, like 
> httpclient (our most active) and jelly (which is still in the sandbox), 
> to move themselves to a higher level, but since I'm not active on those 
> particular compmonents, I haven't been too vocal about it.  When I say 
> "higher level,"  I'm referring to the Jakarta subproject level (rather 
> than a commons component), but that's only because I'm not sure I 
> understood the option of promoting to a new top level apache project.

Being a committer on both those projects, I feel that
a) HttpClient needs a stable release first, and that
b) Jelly is only in it's infancy, and needs to get a release or two under 
it's belt to iron out the packaging issues.

Both are a good fit for the 'Jakarta Commons' model - embeddable, small, 
reusable libraries that other codebases find useful.

I don't yet understand the advantages of being a top-level project. I've 
followed the discussions on ant-dev, but still haven't seen much. Mostly 
my *impressions* were that it boiled down to:
a) Better visibility and
b) Direct reporting to the board, and hence legal coverage.

I'm not sure you get more visibility, from a java perspective, being versus, and I'm not sure what 
advantage brings me yet.

The obvious answer is that neither project is 'in scope' for Jakarta.
dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting

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