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From "James Mitchell" <>
Subject [Resources] XMLMessageResources and Proposal
Date Fri, 11 Oct 2002 15:33:23 GMT
Martin (and others)

On a suggestion by Craig, I had a look at the commons resources
XMLMessageResources.  It appears (and I could be wrong) that this
implementation expects a structure similar to this:
(I couldn't find any samples or test data, so I just guessing by browsing
the code)

  <message key="some.key">Some Value</message>

or is it...

  <message key="some.key" value="Some Value"/>

How do you handle special characters in the values? (<, >, ")

[Proposal] (Sort of)
Would it be feasible to allow an open structure?
What I mean is....what about allowing a structure like this:

  <heading en="MailReader Demonstration Application Options"
           fr="Options D'Application De Démonstration De MailReader"/>
  <logon   en="Log on to the MailReader Demonstration Application"
           fr="Entrez à l'application de démonstration de MailReader"/>
  <registration en="Register with the MailReader Demonstration Application"
           fr="Inscription à l'application de démonstration de MailReader
  <title   en="MailReader Demonstration Application (Struts 1.1-dev)"
           fr="Application De Démonstration De MailReader (Struts 1.1-dev)
  <tour    en="A Walking Tour of the Example Application"
           fr="Une excursion de marche de l'application d'exemple"/>

I have a feature list a mile long that I am working through, so I'm
nowhere close to being finished.

If I complete this, is it feasible to add it to sandbox resources or struts?
If not, then I will drop it and work on other issues (pending Struts bugs).

James Mitchell
Software Engineer/Struts Evangelist

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