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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject [beanutils][lang][PROPOSAL] deprecated beanutils version of MethodUtils
Date Sun, 27 Oct 2002 17:24:22 GMT

there are versions of the MethodUtils code in two components - beanutils 
and lang.

i'd prefer not to have to maintain two versions of this code. it makes no 
sense to have bugs fixed in beanutils but not in lang or vice versa. there 
are also performance improvements and API enhancements that i'd like to 
see added but i don't want to have to make these changes in two places.

now, we are finally in a position to consolidate the reflection code from 
beanutils into lang and this is what i'm proposing we do.

actions required:

make beanutils dependent on lang
this is quite a major change and introduces a new dependency for all 
beanutils clients. however, lang itself is small and there is a commitment 
to keep lang dependencies to a minimum (at the moment, lang has no 

deprecate MethodUtils
the version of MethodUtils in beanutils would be deprecated. a new 
implementation of the methods in MethodUtils would delegate the execution 
to the version in lang.

copy test cases
the test cases would remain in beanutils and would test that the new 
delegated version of MethodUtils has not introduced any new bugs. to 
ensure that changes to the version of MethodUtils in lang do not introduce 
changes that have to be caught by gump, the existing unit tests for 
MethodUtils should be copied into lang.

documentation for reflection should be consolidated into lang and should 
be improved.

i'm willing to make these changes. i am also willing to help to maintain 
and improve the code in lang if the lang team are happy to have me as a 

since this change will mean quite a bit of work and will introduce a new 
dependency for beanutils, i'd rather not rely on lazy consensus. obviously 
i'm +1.

- robert

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