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From Paul Cantrell <>
Subject Re: License and copyright issues
Date Mon, 21 Oct 2002 14:38:42 GMT
Pardon my question -- I'm new to this list, and it may be a bit dense 
-- but why can't we just ask Roy Fielding what he was talking about?  
Or is this some sort of rite of passage in which the young apprentices 
must prove themselves unaided?

It seems to me that open communication is a bare essential for 
preventing problems like this in the future -- not to mention solving 
the one at hand!



> The following was posted by Roy Fielding:
> "Just look at the commons cvs -- there is code present
> that was taken from another open source project, the license removed,
> and replaced with the committer's own copyright alongside that of the
> ASF.  That isn't just contrary to our guidelines; it is immoral!
> And, it has been there for four months without anyone so much as
> lifting a finger (not to mention deleting the module, which is what
> I would have done).  If that isn't cause to terminate an entire 
> project,
> I don't know what is."

   Paul Cantrell

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