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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [beanutils][lang][PROPOSAL] deprecated beanutils version of MethodUtils
Date Sun, 27 Oct 2002 21:53:56 GMT
On Sunday, October 27, 2002, at 09:42 PM, Stephen Colebourne wrote:


> Robert, as you have probably spotted, I have created a number of new 
> classes
> and a new API for the reflect subpackage in [lang]. FieldUtils is about
> finished, but MethodUtils is modtly commented out.

oops. didn't spot that. thanks.

i had intended to start pretty much with the code that's currently in 
methodutils and try to build from that. it's taken a long time to debug 
and it should give us a solid base to move forward.

but i'd like to leave this discussion until we see the reaction to this 

> So, there is still much work todo before beanutils can actually depend on
> lang. But if you can help thats great.

what i want to do is establish that there's support for such a move. i don'
t really want to put in a lot of energy and then find that someone later 
comes up with a compelling reason not to make this change.

- robert

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