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From Victor Volle <>
Subject Re: [clazz] Some code to consider
Date Mon, 28 Oct 2002 12:36:28 GMT
> >  from:    Victor Volle <>
> > 1. I do not like the name MetaBean, I would prefer Clazz or
> > MetaClass, because "Bean" implies that I have to have
> > getters and setters. I know that this is an important use
> > case, but sometimes I am only interested in the 
> > operations (interfaces etc.).
> > I do not like the name MetaProperty for the same reason.
> > I would prefer Field (Berin) or Attribute (UML).
> To be honest, I'm not sure that 'bean' implies very much these days. After
> all, EJBs are hardly beans in the traditional sense.
> It may be better to use Clazz and MetaClazz however. We should probably
> name either:
> a) following reflection:
> MetaClass/MetaField/MetaMethod
> AClass/AField/AMethod
> b) create out own names:
> MetaClazz/MetaProperty/MetaOperation
> Clazz/Property/Operation
> (a) might initially make more sense, but is a method bound to a specific
> object (a delegate) something that should be named AMethod? Operation
> a better name. Similarly for Field vs Property.

+1 Operation (because an operation me be abstract a method generally not)
+1 Field

BTW: in XMI operations and fields are subsumed under the name "feature".

> > 2. In the method MetaBean#getMetaPropertyMap you 
> > return the map of properties, I am always afraid 
> > giving a way internal collections, because a client
> > can modify them directly. I always prefer having
> > adders and removers for elements, so the class
> > (MetaBean) can keep track of its elements and
> > do some bookkeeping. 
> > Or do you intend to always create a copy?
> The implementation can choose to do as it wishes. It might:
> a) return an unmodifiable Map - the normal case
> b) return a modifiable Map - for truly dynamic beans

a) but then we need addXXX methods

Anyway I would like to be able to react on some
client adding a Field or Operation.

> The advantage of returning a Map object is that you get all the Map
> manipulation/search objects for free from the collections API and


> > 4. What about inner classes?
> Do we care?

Probably not. But can we then have a 
MetaModelFactory to plug in my own implementations for 
MetaClass and so on. (I would need it for my code generator)


> > 7. What about having a getName() operation
> > in MetaUnit? (why "unit"? what about 
> > MetaModelElement? "unit" sounds wrong
> > for me, but I can not explain why).
> > In MetaBean this could return 
> > Package ShortClassName
> MetaUnit does contain a getName()!

Oops, overlloked that. 
What about the name?


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