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Subject Re: [clazz] Just a beginning...
Date Fri, 25 Oct 2002 09:31:10 GMT
Yes, if Avalon Delegator has anything to do with advanced reflection/introspection it is in
scope for consideration.

My view on BCEL is that the base [clazz] library should not depend on BCEL.

However, with the possibility of both BCEL and Jakarta Commons moving to the new Apache Commons,
this might put bring greater opportunities to create a [clazz-bcel] component. Until [clazz]
contains some firm design/code its a little difficult to be sure.

BCEL is definitely a target for [clazz] though.


>  from:    Juozas Baliuka <>
> <snip>
> > Is this where the Avalon team's Delegator stuff would go?  If so, are you
> > interested in it?
> Yes, I think this code is usefull for new "reflection / dynamic code
> generation"  project.
> People need more powerfull "introspection" it can be in the same project.
> I have some code to generate "standard" Beans/BeanInfo at runtime, It can
> be usefull for scripting languages or "standard" reflection based
> frameworks, if BCEL dependency is acceptable. It is some code to extend
> classes at runtime(something like Proxy ).
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