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From Ceki Gülcü <>
Subject Re: [Latka][Proposal] Make Jelly a required dependency?
Date Mon, 14 Oct 2002 15:44:32 GMT
At 15:53 14.10.2002 +0100, James Strachan wrote:
>From: "Ceki Gülcü" <>
> > Being in the process of writing an XML processing library called
> > joran, I am thoroughly impressed by Jelly's capabilities. Even if its
> > documentation is imho somewhat lacking, Jelly looks like one of the
> > most promising projects currently under the Jakarta umbrella.
>Wow, thank you Ceki. I'm literally blushing right now.

Although I meant what I said, I am not necessarily a qualified judge.

>I'd not spotted joran up to now but have read the specification and will be
>tracking it. It sounds interesting. Have you any examples of what joran
>might look like yet?

No, I do not have examples, except in my head. Moreover, one wonders at the 
sanity of the Joran enterprise when a library like Jelly is already 

>I've used digester quite a bit and, though it took a while to get going I've
>found it very useful. One nice thing about using things like Ant and Jelly
>is that they are runtime extensible; so its easy to add some custom stuff
>into the XML files (Ant build.xml or Jelly scripts) without having to change
>the core.

>Recently I've been looking at the digester configuration mechanism in
>commons-messenger and am seriously thinking of replacing it with a
>Jelly-version as its much easier to extend and to plugin custom tags to do
>new stuff. To extend the digester version, a user needs to switch the
>Digester implementation class that a component is using; while this is
>perfectly possible its a bit easier to do with things like Ant or Jelly
>since the extensions can all be inside specific XML documents.
>It might be an interesting experiement to try create an implementation of
>Joran as a Jelly library?

That is an interesting thought.



TCP implementations will follow a general principle of robustness: be
conservative in what you do, be liberal in what you accept from
others. -- Jon Postel, RFC 793

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