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From "Roytman, Alex" <>
Subject Pool: Sharing eviction threads
Date Thu, 31 Oct 2002 16:15:04 GMT
1. Reason
One eviction thread per pool is very expensive. In app server we can have tens 
or even hundreds of applications with several jdbc and other pools. It is 
imposibble to let each one to span a thread for eviction (I like this eviction 
feature very much) We clearly need to share eviction thread among pools.
In my opinion the best would be to use some sort of Timer class which will send 
notification to all pools which need eviction or any time driven maintenance 
done. In J2EE environment for example some sort of Timer can be looked up via JNDI 
and explicetly set to a pool during its configuration.

2. Proposal

Exposing a doEviction() on pool level will enable us to initiate eviction as we need and will
be sufficient for to implement any type of scheduling. Hovewer I think Commons-Pool should
provide some out of the box "default" eviction schediler like background daemon thread you
use now. I think using java.util.Timer or similar techniques is preferable to using background
daemon thread per pool primarily because it is external to pool and can be shared by multiple
In case of java.util.Timer we would need: 
- Extend Evictor class from java.util.TimerTask 
- Add pool level method getEvictorTask() to return pool's evictor so it can be subscribed
to listen for timer event. 

Evictor can implement several "Task" interfaces to support different schedulers i.e. ejb timer
service etc. But I am not sure it should, because we are talking "default most commonly used"
implementation and for other cases exposing doEviction() will be sufficient. 

Alex Roytman

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