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From Michael Davey <Michael.Da...@CodeRage.ORG>
Subject Re: [PATCH][betwixt] XML files and XMLIntrospector
Date Fri, 01 Nov 2002 00:51:58 GMT

Okay, I've just refreshed my CVS view and sure enough the testcase 
passes.  May I suggest that you ditch the ElementDescriptor patch (or 
comment out the changes) but keep the test patches, for regression purposes?

There wasn't very many changes between my previous CVS snapshot (a 
couple of weeks ago) and tonight's' refresh - the reason for the changed 
behavior is opaque to me :(


robert burrell donkin wrote:
> On Wednesday, October 30, 2002, at 10:24 PM, Michael Davey wrote:
> i'm on macOSX. i have a feeling that it's the smime that's confusing my 
> email client. the good news is that i managed to construct a reasonable 
> version from the mailing list archives.
> the problem is that i don't seem to be able to make it fail. this could 
> be because i stuffed up the test case in the extraction process but it 
> could also be that this bug has been fixed sometime.
> could you retest against CVS HEAD or a recent nightly?

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