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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: HMI - Http Method Invocation
Date Tue, 29 Oct 2002 18:53:22 GMT
Luca Zappa wrote:
> This is the first email that I write on this mailing-list, after to have
> read passively for some days.
> First of all, I hope you will be able to understand my bad english!
> I'm working on a project that I have called HMI (Http Method Invocation),
> the project's proposal is to build a framework (a set of classes and
> interfaces) for invoke method over http protocol.
> I have started to realize some classes and interfaces, the most important
> are:
> - ServletSkeleton: this is the server-side servlet to extend, it receives
> the method to call, finds the method, and invokes it.
> - HttpStub: this is the client-side class to extend, it calls the servlet
> and receives the result over http.
> - HmiRemote: this is an empty interface that is extended by application
> interface, it serves to identify the methods may be invoked with HMI (like
> Remote interface utilized in RMI).
> - HmiResult: this is the class that contains the return value from a Http
> Method Invocation by a servlet. It contains the Object returns by method,
> the calculation's time and the possible exception throws by HMI method.

Take a look at AltRMI in Apache Avalon.  It is a pluggable architecture that
serves the same need, but allows you to create new transports.

> If you want to build an application that utilizes HMI framework you must
> build 3 files at least:
> 1) the interface with all the HMI methods, it must extend HmiRemote
> interface.
> 2) the servlet that extends ServletSkeleton and implements the previus
> interface (point 1).
> 3) the client application that extends HttpStub and implements the previus
> interface (point 1) with standard template.
> This HMI project utilizes:
> - the Reflection to retrieve and invoke the HMI method;
> - the JUnit unit testing framework for developing and executing unit tests.
> I would like to put the initial code, that must be improved and tested, on
> jakarta-commons project. What do you think about?
> Comments welcome,
>   Luca
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