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From Stéphane MOR <>
Subject Re: [general] checkstyle report
Date Sun, 20 Oct 2002 12:11:14 GMT
Michael Davey wrote:

> Martin Cooper wrote:
>> By default, I believe Mavenised projects are configured for the Sun 
>> coding
>> conventions. Maven also directly supports the Turbine conventions, 
>> but you
>> can modify either set, or define an entirely new set, on a per-project
>> basis. There are Commons components that use each of these alternatives.
>> The Commons charter allows each component to define its own set of 
>> coding
>> conventions, as long as the conventions are documented. The default 
>> is the
>> Sun coding conventions, if nothing else is stated.
> It seems to me that projects tend to override bits of other styles. 
> They say things like "[these are] coding conventions that are specific 
> to Jakarta Commons/Net everything else not specificially mentioned 
> here should follow the official Sun Java Coding Conventions 
> <>".
> Perhaps it would be possible to define an authorative Maven coding 
> style and then provide a kind of cascading configuration that allows 
> individual projects to add or override conventions?  Also perhaps some 
> statistics on which project overrides and new conventions are popular 
> so that over time the Maven coding style could be expanded and refined?  

I've seen very few projects overriding Maven's default setting, but
I couldn't have a look at every Mavenised project !

I can't tell if a project <extend>ing another project inherits from the 
properties as well ...

> I guess Maven could even auto-generate a per-project document that 
> outlines that projects' coding style.

Hmmm, good idea !

This way people could know easily how to format their code for the 
project, straight from
the docs (less time to loose afterwards).


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