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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: HMI - Http Method Invocation
Date Tue, 29 Oct 2002 16:47:27 GMT

On Tue, 29 Oct 2002, Luca Zappa wrote:

> I'm working on a project that I have called HMI (Http Method Invocation),
> the project's proposal is to build a framework (a set of classes and
> interfaces) for invoke method over http protocol.

This sounds like an interesting notion (and there are many different
approaches to implementing it).

You might see how close or far you are from some other existing
technologies at Apache, and see if it might make sense to combine efforts
with an existing project.  For example:

* The XML-RPC project (> is about remote
  invocation of dynamically selected methods, although it tends to
  focus XML as a data transport format.

* Web application frameworks such as
  Struts <> and Turbine
  <> are built around a controller
  servlet that dynamically executes the code to be executed based on
  the URL.  Struts in particular includes a standard Action called
  DispatchAction that not only dynamically selects the class to use,
  it also dynamically selects the method to be called.

The above projects don't deal with building client side APIs for you.  If
you're primarily interested in that space, you might want to look at the
web services world of stuff being built around SOAP and WSDL.  For

* The JAX-RPC reference implementation (part of the Java Web Services
  Developer Pack) <>.

* Apache Axis (, which is an implementation
  of JAX-RPC and other stuff.

If you really want to submit a project to Apache (and I would agree with
others that this sounds more like a top-level Jakarta thing than it does a
commons package), the general guidelines are at:

The hardest part for a "new brainstorm" idea is usually building up a
robust developer community first.

Good luck!

Craig McClanahan

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