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From Dmitri Plotnikov <>
Subject [clazz] Clazz APIs. Take III
Date Mon, 28 Oct 2002 23:12:32 GMT
Please find attached a more complete version of the Clazz APIs and
implementations of some fundamental methods.  The code also compiles

If you like the names of classes and the APIs, I will check the source
code in.

I would like to suggest that we rename AClass into something like
MutableClazz or DynaClazz, AField to MutableAttribute or DynaAttribute
etc and move them into a package of their own like "clazz.mutable" or

If you allow me, I will perform the renaming, the move and the API

As the next step, I would like to write an implementation of the Clazz
APIs based on reflection.

Please, advise.

- Dmitri

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