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From Dmitri Plotnikov <>
Subject Re: [clazz] Clazz APIs Mock-up. Take II
Date Mon, 28 Oct 2002 21:03:33 GMT

--- Berin Loritsch <> wrote:
> Dmitri Plotnikov wrote:
> > Here's another iteration of Clazz APIs.
> Without looking at the API itself, I like what you are describing
> here.  It seems intuitive.  Now, my question is this.  If I have
> a ClazzLibrary or a ClazzLoader, can I perform something like this:
> ClazzLibrary loader = Clazz.getClazz( something ).getClazzLibrary();
> Clazz[] implementingClazzes = loader.findClazzForAttribute(
> "attribute-name" );
This might be difficult if the library constructs/locates Clazzes on
demand, but does not have an exhaustive list upfront. 

Another issue is that if the ClazzLoader is based on a ClassLoader, it
may have to actually load all classes to search for the attribute. 
This may be problematic if you have too many classes or classes
dependent on something absent from the classpath.

But it sure would be nice.


- Dmitri

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