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From mj m <>
Subject Betwixt and escaping
Date Fri, 04 Oct 2002 17:39:39 GMT
I've been experimenting with Betwixt.  My need is very
simple.  I'd like to turn some existing beans into xml
files.  I've been able to do most of this fairly
easily, but am having problems with a few things.

1- Some of the bean properties contain strings with
special characters. In some cases html.  Many of these
are automatically escaped when I BeanWriter to output
the bean.  Some are not: specifically doublequote and
singlequote.  Is there something special I need to do
to include certain special characters in the escaping?

I looked at some of the junit testing files
(TestBeanWriter in particular) to make sure I was
structuring the code properly. 

2- Is there a way to exempt certain bean properties
when writing the bean out to xml?  For instance, if I
had a bean with the properties name, age, and gender,
but only wanted to include name and age in my xml?
I know I could simply create a new bean with name and
age only -- just wondering if there's a different way
to do it.


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