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Subject Re: [clazz] Just a beginning...
Date Fri, 25 Oct 2002 09:25:40 GMT
Thanks for the start Scott. I almost did the creation myself last night, but decided not to
(as it was late and I was sure to make a mistake ;-)

According to the current divisions, MethodUtils belongs in [lang], not [clazz]. The distinction
being [lang] has simple reflection helpers, [clazz] manages class introspection and manipulation.

In fact, it may be necessary for [clazz] to have a 1.3 dependency to enable the Proxy class
to be used. This would emphasise the difference between the packages.

Last night I promoted the reflection code from [lang sandbox] to [lang]. Thus if you now look
in the [lang] CVS you will find MethodUtils, FieldUtils, ConstructorUtils, ReflectionUtils,
ClassUtils and ArrayUtils.

These are untested however, and the API needs validating. But its a good start. So if you
are looking on changing the [beanutils] code, its actually [lang] you should look at.


>  from:    Scott Sanders <>
> I took the liberty of creating the clazz proposal with my proposal generator (it worked
great BTW).
> I copied MethodUtils from BeanUtils as an initial class, but it does not have to stay
> I copied in some of Stephen's proposal from commons-dev into the PROPOSAL.html.
> Nothing is set in stone, feel free to change it all.  Just wanted to get something started
that wasn't reorg email :)
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> Scott Sanders -
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