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From David BERNARD <>
Subject RE: [VFS][PATCH] use root of zip as directory
Date Sun, 20 Oct 2002 10:19:23 GMT

> I've applied this patch.  Thanks for sending it in.  Apologies for not
> applying it sooner; I've been a little busy.


> > - remove of depends from commons-IO
> > - remove of depends from excalibur-i18n (see my previous mail :
> >    "[VFS] remove dependecies")
> > - add isWriteable() and isReadable() method on FileObject
> >    (=>remove isReadOnly)
> These sound like good changes.  Send 'em in.

Done in other mail.
> > Me too, provide a sshFileSystem via JSch (LGPL like Jcifs).

I need some study, I don't know lot of things on ssh, and JSch start
(and need JCE of JDK 1.4).
> +1.  Any thoughts on how the provider might get hold of the user's
> authentication info (usernames, passwords, certs, etc)?  Encoding this stuff
> in the url is ok as a convenience, but isn't a very good general solution.
> I guess we need some kind of authentication provider that can be handed to
> the ssh provider; Something that the ftp, smb, dav, whatever providers can
> also make use of.

I think about a call back Interface, call by provider to required any
information (String). The user application provide implementation for
this Interface (automatic answer, swing dialog box,...).
like :

public interface Replier {

  public void needProperties(Property[] properties) throws Exception;

public class Property {
  public String name;
  public String value;
  public String defaultValue;

name and defaultValue are set by FSProvider before call needProperties.
value are set by Replier implementation.

Your opinion ?

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