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From John McNally <>
Subject [collections][lang] deprecate StringStack
Date Thu, 10 Oct 2002 21:19:05 GMT
This class is badly named and I am not sure it belongs in collections. 
The original use of this class was to join sql fragments together to
form a where clause or a list of columns, etc.  So its class doc should
be something like:

This class provides a way to collect a list of unique strings and join
them with an optional separator.

This behavour is almost similar to StringUtils.join method though that
does not handle the unique requirement.  Maybe a suitable replacement
could be added to lang.StringUtils?

StringStack's original source was torque and we will adjust to the
removal of the class.  It really should be deprecated, I'm not sure I
see the value in trying to create a Stack or List implementation out of
the current class.

john mcnally

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