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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: [Jelly] Are Script objects supposed to be thread-safe?
Date Thu, 03 Oct 2002 18:14:41 GMT
From: "James Strachan" <>
> From: "Morgan Delagrange" <>
> > Are compiled Script objects supposed to be
> > thread-safe, or do I need to pool them?  In either
> > case, the answer should probably be documented in the
> > Javadocs.
> Scripts are *meant* to be thread safe. So each Tag is thread local so that
> the same Script can be run concurrently in several threads. Note though
> the parsing of Scripts isn't thread safe; so only 1 thread should parse a
> Script at once (so the XMLParser could be synchronized or pooled). However
> once you have a Script you should be able to run it in several threads.
> The JellyContext should be thread local; the aim is to refactor the
> JellyContext code a little so that it supports pluggable variable Scopes,
> then some synchronized shared Scopes can be used to share state across
> threads, while still having thread local Scopes too.
> The org.apache.commons.jelly.impl package contains the Script
> classes, *, which should be thread safe. Though I think
> BeanTagScript might not be threadsafe right now, it might need a couple of
> tweeks to ensure thread safety. FWIW I've been meaning to simplify the
> in this part so that BeanTagScript, TagScript and DynaTagScript merge
> together into a single class capable of invoking at runtime either a bean
> Tag or a DynaTag and being thread safe)

I've completed the work in this area now. The old TagScript, BeanTagScript
and DynaTagScript have now rolled together into a single TagScript
implementation. (This makes life much easier as a Tag at request time could
dynamically resolve to a Tag bean or a DyanTag). Also the old non-threadsafe
BeanTagScript is no more.

So AFAIK the Scripts are all thread safe; there's only a few of them left
now which should help ensure that thread-safety is preserved.


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