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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: [sql] diff between JDBCMetaData and MetaDataReader?
Date Mon, 28 Oct 2002 16:34:32 GMT
From: <>
> I guess really all I want to know is when is the code for reading metadata
> from the database going to be committed?  I need to create an XML
> representation of the schema.  And the JDBCTransformTask has all the
> components that I need, just I need a different format for my XML.  I
> really care what code is going to be used to retrieve this meta data,
> although I hope it will populate the Database/Table/Column model objects
> ;-).  JVZ said he had code to commit, that does what MetadataReader does,
> let's get that in, and get rid of MetadataReader...
> Then I will happily code against the new API, and change my testcases to
> work with it...

OK all the patches have now been applied to CVS HEAD so by all means go
ahead and continue submitting patches again ;-)

There's a new JdbcModelReader which does what MetadataReader did and a bit
more, so I've removed the old  MetadataReader to avoid confusion. Hopefully
we're over this minor hickup now and can continue. Commons-sql is now
looking pretty useful. Thanks to Russell for lots of patches and Jason &
Steven for help getting all this sorted out.


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