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From "Ola Berg" <>
Subject Re: HMI - Http Method Invocation
Date Tue, 29 Oct 2002 08:51:15 GMT
> I would like to put the initial code, that must be improved and tested, on
> jakarta-commons project. What do you think about?

Some "non-binding" (I'm not a committer) thoughts:

1) Smells like it, if the idea is useful enough, should be a jakarta project of its own

2) if you put your project on hold for a short time and instead help out with clazz if you
like, you will find that your thing should probably build heavily on existing jakarta-commons
components, including clazz. IIUC, building your thing using clazz is much more trivial than
without it (if the promises from the initial discussion will be fulfilled).

3) Isn't your thing what SOAP and similar techniques do? What can you do using your stuff
that you can't do without it? Why use it? (not asked to discourage, but to see if there is
a foreseeable future for the thing).

4) Have you looked at Avalon? Seems like your thing needs to exist in some kind of component
framework, and Avalon is a pretty good one.


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