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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: [Latka][Proposal] Make Jelly a required dependency?
Date Mon, 14 Oct 2002 14:53:32 GMT
From: "Ceki Gülcü" <>
> Being in the process of writing an XML processing library called
> joran, I am thoroughly impressed by Jelly's capabilities. Even if its
> documentation is imho somewhat lacking, Jelly looks like one of the
> most promising projects currently under the Jakarta umbrella.

Wow, thank you Ceki. I'm literally blushing right now.

I'd not spotted joran up to now but have read the specification and will be
tracking it. It sounds interesting. Have you any examples of what joran
might look like yet?

I've used digester quite a bit and, though it took a while to get going I've
found it very useful. One nice thing about using things like Ant and Jelly
is that they are runtime extensible; so its easy to add some custom stuff
into the XML files (Ant build.xml or Jelly scripts) without having to change
the core.

Recently I've been looking at the digester configuration mechanism in
commons-messenger and am seriously thinking of replacing it with a
Jelly-version as its much easier to extend and to plugin custom tags to do
new stuff. To extend the digester version, a user needs to switch the
Digester implementation class that a component is using; while this is
perfectly possible its a bit easier to do with things like Ant or Jelly
since the extensions can all be inside specific XML documents.

It might be an interesting experiement to try create an implementation of
Joran as a Jelly library?


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