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From "Stephen Colebourne" <>
Subject Re: [clazz] New project?
Date Thu, 24 Oct 2002 20:38:12 GMT
Its basically about hours in the day primarily. The Apache/Commons reorg
discussion has taken up far too much valuable time. Plus I am trying to get
a release of my Joda projects date and time code out. Anyway:

- so far the name seems to be [clazz]
- the proposal (attached) seemed to be accepted
- no design work has been done
- my original coding (done some time ago) doesn't contain much of use

However, I still believe in the idea, and that it will help [jxpath],
[betwixt], [digester] and my own Joda beans project. So I want to see it go

The best way to proceed would seem to be to actually open the sandbox
project and commit whats on my hard drive.

I would obviously greatly appreciate support on this ;-)


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From: "Dmitri Plotnikov" <>
> What was the resolution on this issue? In case you need more votes,
> here's mine:
> +1
> How far along are you?  Do you need any help? I am very much iterested
> in the outcome and could do a bunch of coding/testing for you.
> JXPath currently has its own introspection mechanism and I am eager to
> replace it with a generic one.  Some unique features of the
> JXPathIntrospector are:
> 1. From JXPath's perspective there exist so called "atomic" classes,
> which are not supposed to be drilled into.  Examples include all
> primitive types as well as String, Number, Date, arguably Class etc.
> 2. Some classes (or interfaces) are "dynamic" and are handled with the
> use of so called DynamicPropertyHandlers.  Examples of such "dynamic"
> classes are Map, ServletContext, etc.
> 4. JXPath has MethodLookup utilities that perform method lookups that
> allow type conversion and an additional hiddent argument
> (ExpressionContext).
> What bothers me about all this is that it is very ad hoc for JXPath's
> own needs, while conceptually it wants to be a specialization of a
> generic mechanism like what you are proposing for [clazz].
> I have been getting some new requirements from JXPath users.  For
> example the BeanInfo lookup mechanism has been repeatedly critisized -
> people want to see custom BeanInfo factories instead of or in addition
> to <beanclass>XBeanInfo classes.  I will need to address these
> requirements sooner or later.  Do you think I should continue growing
> introspection mechanisms inside JXPath for now, or bite the bullet and
> commit to integration with the [clazz] project?  I would personally
> prefer the latter.
> What is the timetable for this [clazz]?
> Thank you,
> - Dmitri Plotnikov
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